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What is Techworks?

Oregon Techworks Association is a non-profit association with the mission of helping the Oregon technology industry thrive. Techworks is a leading provider in providing customers and businesses with the solutions they need to grow. A Techworks membership gives technology companies access to more than a growing business could get alone. By increasing purchasing power, you get access to resources that save tech companies time and money in key areas such as HR systems, communications, liability, employee benefits, and payroll operations.

We're your trusted business partners that deliver you and your employees the tools, services, and software solutions your team needs to succeed, so you get more freedom and peace of mind to focus on your goals within the office. At each stage of growth, our expertise is offered to help you through different needs and challenges and celebrate your success. Our alliance includes founders, startups and small business management, and large companies in the technology community and in related industries, including software development, computers, engineering, and digital services.

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Does your company work in some of these related industries?

If by chance you do not think your organization falls into any of the industries listed below, please call us and we can help determine if your company qualifies. (List below is just an initial guide)

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