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Pooled Employer Plans (PEP)

Sponsoring a retirement plan can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, often adding significant administrative and fiduciary burdens to your already busy workload. However, there's a smarter way to ensure your employees' financial security while freeing up valuable time for your business – Pooled Employer Plans (PEP).

What Is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP)?

A PEP is a revolutionary retirement vehicle that combines the strength of multiple unrelated employers into a single, streamlined plan. It operates much like traditional single-employer retirement programs but with one significant advantage: the majority of administrative and fiduciary duties are expertly managed by a pooled plan provider.

The Benefits of PEP

More Time for Your Business

Delegating the complexities of retirement planning allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Assured Fiduciary Compliance

PEPs provide peace of mind by ensuring that your fiduciary responsibilities are met, and your plan remains compliant with ever-changing regulations.

Asset Protection

Enjoy better pricing and access to a wider range of investment options, typically only available to larger plans.

Economies of Scale

Enjoy better pricing and access to a wider range of investment options, typically only available to larger plans.

Streamlined Reporting

Simplify your administrative tasks with a single Form 5500 and audit for all participating employers.

Are You a Good Candidate for PEP?

PEPs are designed for businesses that:

Struggle with stretched resources and a need to offload administrative work.

Are smaller to midsized employers in search of comprehensive retirement plan services.

Seek to limit liability by outsourcing responsibilities.

Have limited knowledge or experience with retirement plans.

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Streamlining Your Retirement Plan Management

Employers who opt for PEPs can significantly reduce the time and resources allocated to retirement plan management, compliance, and governance. By outsourcing critical tasks like regulatory filings and plan audits to the plan provider, your HR team can focus on what matters most: encouraging savings, reducing workload, and maximizing fiduciary protections.

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Unlock the Benefits of Pooled Employer Plans

In this evolving landscape, PEPs can empower your business to offer a robust retirement plan without the complexities and risks traditionally associated with it. Embrace PEPs as a way to encourage savings, reduce HR workload, and maximize fiduciary protections. Contact us today to discover how Pooled Employer Plans can transform your retirement benefits program and support your employees in securing their financial futures.

In the changing world of HR and retirement planning, PEPs are your path to simplified, efficient, and secure retirement benefits.

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