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Registered Agent Services

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What is a Registered Agent?

Registered agents act on a company's behalf in receiving legal documents such as Service of Process (i.e., Lawsuits, Liens, Subpoenas, etc.), Annual Reports, Tax Correspondence, and other mailings from regulatory agencies. In some jurisdictions, a registered agent may be referred to as a resident agent or statutory agent.

A registered agent must maintain a physical presence (street address) within the state and be available during all business hours so that consumers may properly serve claims upon a company. A post office box (PO Box) does not constitute a physical presence by statutory requirements.

Multiple states allow for the secretary of state or equivalent government office to act as a registered agent for a fee, but private companies such as RASi offer the best-registered agent service.

Navigate the Corporate Transparency Act with Ease

In response to the Corporate Transparency Act's latest mandates, effective January 1, 2024, RASi released CTAComply™ Corporate Transparency Act Eligibility Wizard offers a streamlined solution to decipher your company's obligations.

Whether you're grappling with the new requirement to file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report or seeking clarification on exemption eligibility among the 23 options provided, our wizard simplifies the process.

Designed to save you time and ensure compliance, this tool evaluates your status as a reporting company or identifies applicable exemptions, guiding you through the complexities of compliance without substituting for legal counsel.

Benefits of Using RASi for Registered Agent Services:

1. Compliance Assistance

RASi specializes in ensuring compliance with state regulations and provides guidance to keep your business compliant.

2. Legal Notifications

RASi receives important legal and official documents on behalf of your business and promptly forwards them to you, ensuring you never miss critical communication.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality

By appointing RASi as your Registered Agent, you can maintain privacy and protect your personal information by using their address for public correspondence.

4. Nationwide Coverage

RASi offers registered agent services in all 50 states, ensuring consistent compliance and representation across multiple jurisdictions.

Why Choose RASi?

RASi goes beyond the basic Registered Agent requirements by providing custom notifications, unparalleled customer service, and innovative technology-based management systems to assist in the handling of service of process. They provide the best registered agent services Techworks has to offer, meeting your business' unique needs.

Single Point-of-Contact

Future Growth

Volume Discounts

Consolidated Invoicing

When you partner with RASi’s team, they give you the tools to simplify managing your entity information and corporate compliance. Their tools are designed with your needs in mind and are the most user friendly in the industry.

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