TAO Ai & Data Lightning Talk

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
5:23 pm
7:00 pm
The Standard, 900 SW 5th Avenue Portland, OR 97204
 TAO Ai & Data Lightning Talk
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Hear from members of our esteemed community! We are pleased to announce that our upcoming Lightning Talks will be five minutes in length, and will be focused on technical topics related to the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. We are excited to hear from experts in these fields, and look forward to learning more about the latest developments and innovations in these rapidly-evolving areas of study.

Lightning Speakers!

  • Dr. June Andrews - Optimizing Where To Live with Lat Long Labs
  • Yaakov Bressler - Terrible Data Visualization Ideas
  • Hailey Buckingham - The Awkward Puzzle Piece - Security Tools for Machine Learning
  • Ben Feicht - 3D Design Through Conversation
  • AJ Green - Generative AI for Startups
  • Brigitte Piniewski MD - AI's blind spot: What's missing and Why
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