Unlocking Savings: How Techworks Transforms Businesses with Cost-Effective Solutions

December 6, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, strategic partnerships are essential for organizational success. The recent collaboration between Techworks Association and the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) is a testament to the transformative power of such alliances. TAO's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Winner, recently shared insights into the partnership and the benefits of Techworks’ services, highlighting substantial savings and the seamless integration of cost-effective solutions.

Technology Association of Oregon (TAO)  Tim Winner's Testimonial: A Glimpse into Cost Savings

Tim Winner’s experience with Techworks captures the essence of the impactful collaboration. His words resonate with the positive outcomes experienced by TAO since joining forces with Techworks:

"I had no idea when TAO partnered with Techworks that our organization would benefit so much from the service they provide and the partner companies they work with. As TAO evaluated our payroll and benefit-cost during our 2024 budgeting process, working with Techworks saved us significant money. They were great to work with and made it so easy to make the change needed. Techworks offers excellent service, and they are wonderful people to work with." - Tim Winner, COO, TAO

Streamlining Operations with Techworks Services

The partnership between TAO and Techworks has streamlined operations and demonstrated a commitment to providing cost-effective solutions. TAO has realized significant savings by strategically utilizing services such as Get-Benefits, Paylocity, and Farewell Media, all offered by Techworks.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Techworks Partnerships

As Techworks continues to empower businesses with cost-effective solutions, this testimonial serves as a beacon for organizations seeking transformative partnerships. The dedication to exceptional service and financial efficiency positions Techworks as a valuable ally in the ever-evolving tech community.

The collaboration between Techworks and TAO exemplifies the potential for strategic partnerships to unlock substantial savings and drive organizational success. Tim Winner's testimonial provides a glimpse into the positive impact of the alliance, reinforcing the idea that, indeed, Techworks transforms businesses with cost-effective solutions.

For more information about Techworks and their suite of cost-effective solutions, contact us today!

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Unlocking Savings: How Techworks Transforms Businesses with Cost-Effective Solutions

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