Blue Marble: Simplify Global Payroll Operations

April 10, 2023

Managing global payroll can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with compliance, accuracy, and reporting across multiple countries and currencies. That’s why our payroll partner, Paylocity, now offers an international payroll division by partnering with Blue Marble. With Blue Marble's cloud-based global payroll solutions, managing international payroll is as easy as a few clicks. Through our partnership, Techworks can help simplify your payroll processes by linking you to Paylocity and all the benefits they offer, including the innovative Blue Marble platform. 

Blue Marble's Platform

Blue Marble's platform offers pinpoint accuracy, efficient self-service, and world-class technology, making it the go-to provider for global companies, and the reason they are now partnered with Paylocity. Their solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems, delivering real-time reporting across all countries and currencies.

Expert Assistance

With Blue Marble, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your payroll operations are handled by experts. Their skilled consulting services provide compliance assistance, while their US-based support team and in-country experts offer direct access for any queries. 

Scalable Solutions

Say goodbye to the complexity and hello to simplicity with Blue Marble's scalable payroll solutions, all available through our unique partnership. Reduce errors, save time, and streamline your payroll operations.


For more information, or to get in touch with a representative from Paylocity or Blue Marble, visit the Paylocity page of Techworks’ website or contact us today. We look forward to helping you simplify your payroll and compliance across 100+ countries. 

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Blue Marble: Simplify Global Payroll Operations

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